Lego Super Heroes 5005095 Justice League Cosmic Clash Movie

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Can Batman™ and team defeat an unstoppable intergalactic machine?

Watch the Justice League™ take on Brainiac in Cosmic Clash, a thrilling, original LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes movie! Until now, the super hero team has triumphed over every foe, but all of those enemies had one thing in common: they were alive. This time, they face Brainiac, a super-intelligent machine with the power to bend time itself, whose mad quest endangers all life on Earth and beyond. Discover whether Batman™, the world’s greatest detective, can outsmart the most evil supercomputer in the galaxy—and then play with the included limited edition LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Cosmic Boy minifigure!

This DVD features an original animated LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes movie.
Also includes a limited edition Cosmic Boy LEGO® minifigure.
Parental Guidance suggested.
Running time: 72 minutes.