Quick shootout regulars of the latest Kyosho Lottery Nissan GT-R R35 Nismo vs the reigning TLVN R35 and other makes. Is the Tomica Limited Vintage still the best 1/64 GT-R R35 out there?

A total of 7 competing GT-R R35 are assembled for this shoot out. The current King of 1/64 GT-R is the Tomica Limited Vintage (TLVN) model and the oversteer model comes close in my personal opinion.

Here comes the challenger!

The Kyosho Nismo N Attack Package. The rest of the Brand’s such as Majorette, Greenlight and Hotwheels still lags behind these 3 models  eg no side mirrors, lacking in details of the exhaust etc… I will still show some comparison pics of those casting with the Kyosho at the end of this article but will not go into detail as there is simply no comparison there.

So left to this 3 real contenders . First on the left is the Oversteer model followed by TLVN and the Kyosho.

Let the shootout start!

1) Front Grille/ Details Comparison:

Over steer (left) has a painted GT-R logo car plate! There is also additional logo plate on the grille! Kyosho seems to be losing some points here.

TLVN (on the right) has also the car plate and the depth of the grille seems more detailed than the Kyosho.

Verdict : TLVN and Oversteer still leads.

2) Back/exhaust/Details Comparison:

Oversteer (left) have a lower spoiler position compared to the Kyosho. The backlights, Kyosho seems to have edge here as it seems it’s acrylic and Oversteer is painted? Oversteer has a nice car plate whereas the Kyosho has none. The exhaust and red line Accentuation gives Kyosho the edge here.

Comparing the Kyosho (left) to the TLVN, the spoilers seemed the correct and same height for both. Both TLVN and Kyosho have acrylic back lights and it’s a close call here. Both exhaust is similar details as well. 

Verdict: Tie between TLVN and Kyosho

3) Sports rims/ Tire details.

Putting the rims design/detail, you can clearly see that Oversteer (TOP) has a brake disc behind the rims whereas the Kyosho has none!

The TLVN (TOP) similarly has the disc brake versus none on the Kyosho.

In addition, the TLVN has a disc brake clamps (yellow coloured)done up! Pictures will be tough to take but will try my best (below):

Verdict : TLVN. 

In conclusion, the TLVN retains its current title as the best 1/64 GT-R R35 even with the launch of the Kyosho Lottery Nismo. It’s very close to the Oversteer and I will call it a tie between these 2 models.

Ok some random comparison pictures of the Kyosho with Hotwheels, Majorette , Greenlight and Tomica Mainline for all to enjoy!